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Crystal Bracelet Set (4 pieces)

Especially designed for making your outfit more brighter and shinier. High quality bright metals used as a staple. Bohemian Crystal Leaves Bracelet Set includes two leaves, two bangles. It comes with 4 pieces in a set. All of it only for $18.99!

Bohemian Leaves Bracelet

Bohemian bracelets are absolutely product of the stunning art. Each of the pieces completes one another. You can use those bracelets one by one or as a set. Either way these crystal leaves will allow you to shine and get all the attention around.

Bohemian Crystal Leaves Bracelet

Golden colors make the bohemian crystal bracelet more elegant. Thereby, quality of it is another winning point of the this set. It is all known fact that crystal stones have the power to increase your mood. This bohemian piece will make you more energetic and positive. Since, the positive vibes spreading all over from this stunning piece of art.

Bohemian Crystal Leaves Bracelet

Overall, the vintage product comes with four different options. Thereby, you can choose from the various combinations for yourself and for your loved ones. And boys this could be a good way to make your girl happy 😉 .

Bohemian Crystal Leaves Bracelet

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