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Magnetic Forever Bracelets

Magnetic Forever Bracelets

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A bond between two people is a very simple and intuitive concept. Each time you hold hands, there is an unexplainable connection, much like a magnet, that forms. That is why we created the Forever Magnetic Bracelet. Much like your love for each other, our bracelets form a very strong connection when they are brought together
  •  PERFECT for couples holding hands 
  •  Comes in package of two bracelets 
  •  Half a ball magnet on each bracelet
  •  Ball magnets connect when touched together to form a perfect ball and bond
  •  Each bracelet made with incredibly high quality Letho-Fiber, ensuring long lasting quality and minimum damage to bracelets over time. 
  • Adjustable fit, bracelet can be tightened/loosened depending on size of wrist


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