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Starry Night Sky Projector

Starry Night Sky Projector

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Turn any room into a beautiful starry night with our Starry Night Sky Projector. Use the remote to choose between 21 color combinations. Listen to your favorite song while laying under 500+ stars! The Starry Night Sky Projector has a built-in speaker that can connect to your Bluetooth device easily. You can even use the controller to adjust the volume of the speaker.

Do you also have a boring looking room?
And you don’t have the budget to make it look amazing? Does your room lighting not reflect the atmosphere you wish to have at home?

      ❌ Bad lighting can make you dislike your living space

      ❌ It can ruin your sleep

      ❌ It can ruin a date night

      ❌ It can ruin your motivation to work & study

The Starry Night Sky Projector is an all-in-one solution to your lighting problems at home. With it's many color combinations and stars you can create any atmosphere you wish for!

      ✅ Easy to set up

      ✅ Save hours decorating your room

      ✅ Perfect gift for kids or a loved one

      ✅ Decorate for a party in seconds

Features of the Starry Night Sky Projector

      ✔️ 21 color combinations 

      ✔️ Remote controlled

      ✔️ Adjustable light strength

      ✔️ 1- and 2-hour timers can be set to turn off the lamp when you fall asleep.

      ✔️ Choose between moving lights or still ones

      ✔️ 2 fades - have the lights change from color to color. 

      ✔️ In-built Bluetooth speaker. Syncs music with lights

30 Day Money Back Guarantee 🌟
We know what it is like to receive a product and not be satisfied with it, that is the reason we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee for all of our customers. Simply just go to our contact page and write your order number, and we will get back to you within 24 hours


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