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Pearl Necklace

Elegance of the bohemian pearl necklace will enable you to shine. Your beauty and smooth style will be even more shining with this necklace. These products come with two pieces set. Silver and golden colors are available in this set. Two different pendants include to this set-heart and pearl.

Bohemian Pearl Necklace

Each of these pearl necklace in the set has various pendants. One of them is the shape of heart. On the other hand, another one is a perfect shape. Both pendants were designed simply but elegantly. Thereby, your outfit will even be more stunning.

This necklace come with 2 pieces set. One of the beautiful pieces has heart-shaped pendant. Alternate one comes with a perfect pearl-shape. On the other hand, silver and golden chains perfectly harmonized with the pendants.

Zinc alloy materials used to design this pearl necklace. Heart piece is 45 cm, but the other one is 40 cm. You will easily combine this one with all of your outfits.

bohemian necklace by kangoex

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