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Rose Bracelet + Ring

When you're looking for unique jewelry, this ring and bracelet are going to be the ultimate example. 

This bracelet symbolizes the love that flourished in your hearts,this beautiful 19cm bracacelet contains 12 roses. It is a perfect gift to show the person that you love how much she is dear to you or simply to be soothed by the beauty of roses.

Made from Copper Alloy, the ring is gold plated and sure to add a subtle presence to your finger when you wear it. 

The perfect example of minimal jewelry, this is a comfortable stylish option that you can wear everyday and know that it's going to look stunning.

With a gentle touch of important sentimentality attached to everyday, casual modern style, this is the perfect option for you to share you love of the finer things but still do it on a budget and in your own way.

Great as a gift for a loved one, or something special for yourself, this ring is adjustable in size so that you can always get the perfect fit to use it as a must-have on every finger. 

Minimalist and sweet with a touch of modernity, this is what you're looking for when it comes to the right feature coming together in a ring.

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